Are You Charming? Charm Bracelets

Are You Charming? Charm Bracelets

Charmed Bracelets


A personal expression of place, personality, likes, who you are, what you want to be.  They celebrate a special moment.  When do you have too many charms?  Not enough?  I love the bracelet on the cover of “Charmed Bracelets”.  I couldn’t imagine wearing that bracelet but how fun!

Probably one of my best memories growing up was pawing through my grandmother’s jewelry box.  The piece that fascinated me the most was her charm bracelet.   I loved the big heart with her wedding date engraved on one side and her husband’s name on the other.  Why did she have a charm of the state of Louisiana? My mom had a similar bracelet but her’s had several mechanics attached.  A mechanical is a charm with movable parts.  Again, the questions.  Why did she have an airplane?  Or better, how do those propellers move on the plane?!  Some of the charms were obvious, they represented having a dog or her high school or where she lived but others not so much.  My mom had another life before me?

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