What made him think of that? Lego MiniFig set-ups

What made him think of that? Lego MiniFig set-ups

My oldest son, as with most kids, LOVES Lego, especially minifigures.  Not sure what it is about those little guys, minifigures, but he loves making set-ups with them.  I go into his room and am amazed at the adventures he creates for those little minifigs (figures).  One time it was a rock concert with Darth Vader crowd surfing.  Another time, it was a pirate battle, on a battle ship, against green plastic army men.

We redid his room and made sure to create a spot where he could make his imagination run wild.

Redone boy's bedroomHis Lego set-ups have now progressed to stop-action movies.  For Christmas, this past year, he received a small camera and stop-motion software that allows for more complex set-ups.  I love how he has used his creativity to change perspectives, subject matter and backgrounds for his mini figs.

Set-up for a stop-action movieI try to over look the crazy mess that comes with being creative.  😉  As you can see he works with lighting as well so that his movies are more interesting.

Over Spring Break, this past week, we headed to the Indianapolis Children’s Museum, which has a Lego Exhibit called Lego Travel Adventure.  My boys were a little disappointed because of the crowds.  Evidently, our Spring Break and Indianapolis’ Spring Break were the same.  Once we realized building might not be available because of the congestion, we started to look at all the displays.  If you haven’t had the chance to look at the details in a Lego display/set-up you might be surprised.  We’ve enjoyed seeing them at our local Lego Store, Legoland, local Lego convention and in toy stores.  Next time you have a chance check them out.  You might be amazed at the creativity.  I’ve included photos below of some of the display from the Children’s Museum.  They aren’t the best quality photos but at least you can see some of the creativity.

Do you have a creative Lego builder in your home?  My other son really loves building transportation models with his Legos.  Or is your little one more into themes?  Star Wars? The new Dinosaur kits?  I love the Christmas kits.  I was bummed when I realized I had missed the Christmas Express by a year.

If you are a brick building enthusiast you might enjoy, BrickJournal, a Lego community website.  Check out the books below for  more Lego building fun!

The Cult of LEGO The LEGO Ideas Book

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